Amazon Recruitment 2021 | Jobs In Kolkata 2021 | Work From Home |Apply Now

 Amazon Recruitment 2021


Amazon Recruitment 2021 | Jobs In Kolkata 2021 | Work From Home |Apply Now



Today we have a Work From Home job opening at the

 world’s largest e-commerce company!

 A multi billion dollar company that will definitely take your career to a great height.

Grab this opportunity to work for Amazon Work From Home for 12th pass students!

No experience is required

Amazon hires the world’s brightest minds and offers them an environment

 in which they can invent and innovate to improve the experience for the customers.

You can get this golden chance to grow in such a motivated environment.

Job Role : Virtual Customer Service – VCS Associate

An Amazon VCS is a critical part of the Amazon mission to deliver timely,

 accurate and professional customer service to all Amazon customers.

 This vital position requires an action-oriented,

 flexible problem-solver who will assist customers in expediting orders and correcting post-sales problems.

 Associates communicate with customers primarily through mail, chat and phone and utilize a variety of software tools to navigate customer accounts,

 research and review policies and communicate effective solutions in a fun and fast-paced environment.






Job Description :                                               

Virtual Customer Service – VCS associates are expected to :

    Work from a home location approved by Amazon for all scheduled hours.

    Ensure good internet connectivity and ‘work-like’ environment at home location.




    Qualifications required

    Minimum qualification is 10 + 2. Any graduate

    Shifts: Rotational

    Job is only open for females

    Location :

    It is a Work From Home Job, but you have to be a part of these cities :





    Candidates should be within the state border of the locations mentioned above.



    Salary :

    Rs. 1,90,000-2,28,500


    The top skills required for this role are :

    •Good comprehension skills –

    ability to clearly understand and address customer issues appropriately

    •Good composition skills –

     ability to compose grammatically correct, concise, and accurate written responses

    You will be tested on the basis of these 2 skills majorly.

    So remember to polish this skillset well before applying.

    •Ability to communicate clearly with both internal and external customers

    •Ability to use a desktop/Laptop computer system, Familiarity with Windows 7,

     Microsoft Outlook, and Internet Explorer

    •Good typing skills

    To Apply :

        Click on the link :

        Complete the assessment course. This course tests your eligibility for the job role.

        If you are eligible, you will be redirected to a course which would prepare you perfectly for the Job role.

        Once you complete the course,

        you will be added to a WhatsApp group where further details would be conveyed to you.

    Why is this Course important?

    This  job role generally consists of 3-5 rounds of selection process.

    1st would be a JAM or GD round

    2nd will be a written round: English and Typing test

    3rd will be Versant : English Communication Test.

    And finally, there will be the HR round.

    Our course is designed specifically for all these rounds.

    Through our course, you can not only understand what exactly is the JAM, Versant round,

     but we will always give you the top tips and tricks to ace those rounds. With our multiple diverse practise questions,

    you will surely be well prepared for the final Interview.

    And remember, if you are rejected,

    you won’t be able to apply for the next 3 months!

    So buckle up and start preparing with the Course first!


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